Red lorry, yellow lorry, green lorry

pen and watercolour SOLD
available as: print
Painted as part of the Creative Reactions project, in which artists have been paired with the scientists presenting their work at the international Pint of Science festival.

When I found the Creative Reactions team had paired me with a scientist from the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight, my heart sank. Trucks are dull. I imagined an organisation with an agenda to promote road freight. My ‘green citizen’ heckles were up – we should be using boats, trains, bicycles… but after spending time with Professor David Cebon and his team, based at Cambridge’s Department of Engineering, I found myself genuinely excited about what they are doing. I saw all the different (and genius!) ways they are working to make road haulage as green as possible.
Whatever I saw, I kept coming back to David’s intital words to me. So much so that I had to include them in my piece. I wanted to convey his message that road transport is ubiquitous and inescapable, so we have no choice but to make it work safely, efficiently, and with as low impact as possible in order to keep our world from frying.