commissions, projects and testimonials

I love to be commissioned to draw or paint something – it is lovely to be challenged to draw something to a brief. I can do sketchy illustrations, or full watercolour paintings. Contact me to discuss your ideas. Here are some commissions I have had, along with some comments from my customers and recipients.

Medical Mystery Tour

I was delighted to be one of twenty artists selected for the Translating Science through Art 2024 project. Cambridge Rare Disease Network(CamRARE) […]

Will you marry me?

David asked me to paint a very special spot for his upcmoming marriage proposal for Annika. It was to be her engagement […]

Girton College

I love to be commissioned by a College I haven’t really explored before. This year, Girton College invited me to paint a […]

Jesus College Cambridge

As a Jesuan myself, it has been so lovely to have been commissioned by Jesus College to paint some of my favourite scenes in […]

Kitchen view with clock

Jacob wanted to give his partner a painting to remember their first house, as she was already a fan of my artwork. […]

Exning House

John’s most recent commission request was for me to paint the lovely house he shares with his wife Anna as a present for […]

The Old Congregational Chapel

Charlotte asked for a painting of her house, but wasn’t sure what view she wanted, or even that would be possible. The […]

View onto Jesus Green

André and his family were leaving Cambridge and wanted to remember their view across Chesterton Road onto Jesus Green. I suggested making […]

Hot Numbers for Kate & Vikki

Kate asked me to create a painting of Hot Numbers Coffee in Gwydir Street, a place that we both love. She was […]

Westgate Gardens, Canterbury

Jeremy asked me to paint a picture of Westgate Gardens in Canterbury. I had free reign to choose the exact location, season, […]

Tutti a tavola

This was a commission for the family that run Maurizio Dining on Mill Road. This is their Sunday family meal before food […]

Railway Street

This was for a family to remember their first house. When I went to visit the house, I realised that the back […]

Hope Street

This house is just around the corner from me, and I had noticed its pretty window box before. I love the brickwork […]

Bridge Street

I was asked to paint a picture of the Pickerel pub in Cambridge for someone who used to visit it over 60 […]

Bells Court

This was such a difficult house to photograph! I ended up almost in the tree! You might spot the Castle Inn pub […]

Walk in the woods

L wanted me to do a painting based on two snapshots from a very special day walking in the woods. It was […]

Anniversary at the Botanics

This was a painting commissioned for a 50th wedding anniversary. The couple had met whilst both post-graduates at Cambridge, and married at […]

Darwin Island

Joseph approached me about commissioning a painting after he had been admiring my paintings in a Hot Numbers exhibition, and my mother […]

Arbury Terrace

Peter approached me about the possibility of commissioning a painting of the first house he and his partner had lived in together. […]

Carfax Tower, Oxford


I had already painted Elisa’s dog Barney and her cat Lola, so this needed to tie in with those ones. I love […]

Red Lion Whittlesford

Sophie asked me to create a painting that showed this lovely building at its best. The weather turned just as I arrived […]

Humberstone Road

Erika wanted me to capture her house when the beautiful wisteria was at its best. I enjoyed also painting the stained glass […]

Bristol wedding stationery

I knew I wanted to undertake this commission when the coupple asked for their gorgeous dog to be included! It features the […]

Fisherman’s Cottage

Alison asked me to create a painting of her new cottage that she had just moved into, as a present for her […]

Uterus lab

This was one of a series of commissioned paintings I have done to illustrate the She Speaks Science website which aims to […]

Cambridge Alumni 3

Once again, I was flattered to be asked by the University Alumni department to create an image for their social media, this […]

Cambridge Alumni 2

I was delighted to be asked again to create a painting for the University of Cambridge annual Christmas message. I was again […]

Blue Ball Inn

I’ve always thought this the prettiest pub, with its window boxes, hanging baskets, an gold lettering, so I was delighted to be […]

1970 wedding

This was to be a gift to the happy couple from their sons to celebrate an important anniversary. I wanted to make […]

Love cargo

Here, I was asked to create a portrait of a family’s bicycles, along the line of my Love bikes painting. The centrepiece […]


A few years ago, I painted Elisa and Antonio’s lovely dog Barney. This time they came to me with the sad news […]

Cambridge Alumni

I was asked to create the image for this year’s seasonal greeting to all University of Cambridge alumni. It was another heart-in-mouth […]

The Blyth Building, Christs College

This was a quick turnaround commission for the University of Cambridge, to be given as a gift to someone retiring from post.  I understand […]

Milton House

Karena has previously bought my paintings, but this time wanted something personal. She asked if I could draw their lovely house in […]

Old and New Courts, Corpus Christi

Rowena asked my to paint both Old and New Courts at Corpus Christi College, as a graduation present from her parents. I […]

Chesterton cottage

I was asked to paint this lovely cottage near the River Cam by three sisters whose parents were moving from their family […]

Jesus College wedding invitation

Sarah & Jake asked me whether they could use one of my paintings as a wedding invitation for their Christmas wedding at […]

Wedding invitations for S&T

This commission was for a painting which the couple could keep, which was also to be used for their wedding invitations. They […]

What’s on for T & C

I was asked to paint a personalised version of my popular What’s on painting for a Cambridge couple, and to make it […]

Primo bacio (first kiss)

I love a romantic commission – this was a very special anniversary present, commissioned in secret. I had to work from photos, […]

Audrey and Lucie

A last minute request for a painting to celebrate a 90th birthday and to remember a faithful friend. For this one I […]

Chesterton town house

This family was leaving Cambridge after many years, and wanted a memory of their lovely house. I really enjoyed drawing and painting […]

Christ’s College

I was asked by the Master and Developement Director of Christ’s College to work on some paintings of the College. This involved me […]

Boxing Club

I was commissioned by Gary Davidson of the Trumpington Boxing Club, now Albion Boxing Academy to capture the club’s gym in the […]

Cambridge Classics

Cambridge Classics are a local family firm that make handmade wooden bespoke architecturally sympathetic windows and doors. They asked me to paint my […]

St Andrews, Stapleford

This was a commission to celebrate a first wedding anniversary. The bride wrote me a lovely email to say how much it […]

Lunch at the Moringa Tree

This was a painting commissioned as a surprise gift depicting a very favourite place on a very special day. As I love The Moringa […]

Trumpington Church

This was a commission of the St Mary and St Michael Church in Trumpington – to be a leaving present for the outgoing […]

The Blue Moon

I seem to have had quite a few paintings of pubs as commissions recently! For this one, of The Blue Moon on […]

Grantchester Meadows

This was a challenging painting – I was asked to paint a certain spot on Grantchester Meadows, on a certain November day. […]

Restaurant 22

Sam Carter and Alex Olivier, the new owners of Restaurant 22 on Chesterton Road, Cambridge, commissioned me to paint the restaurant for […]

Woodbarn Farm

This painting of a lovely Cambridgeshire thatched farmhouse was a part of a pair for someone who may well soon be moving on […]

Shepherd’s hut

This painting of a shepherd’s hut under a beautiful weeping willow was a part of a pair for someone who may well […]

Cambridge Judge Business School

I recently completed a painting for the Judge Business School, part of the University of Cambridge. They are using this design for […]

Aabelard apron for Eat Cambridge

Not so much a commission as a joint project. Philippa Hayward of the gorgeous Aabelard asked me to draw ‘my’ Cambridge skyline […]

Clare independent shops

I really enjoyed painting six of the lovely independent shops that make Clare in Suffolk such a gem of a place. They […]

Science Team

I was asked by a university Professor to help with some drawings of members of a multidisciplinary team applying for a big […]

Canoes on the Cam

This was painted as a Christmas present from Caroline Duffy to her husband Mark. As she is a design professional, with images […]


A woman and her family commissioned me to paint her grandparents at their own front door surrounded by all the visitors they regularly […]

By the bike rack

This couple had previously enjoyed chatting about all the different Cambridge places in my paintings over a pizza at Tradizioni. So, for Christmas, he […]

Love bikes 2

I was asked by a couple to recreate Love Bikes, but with the couple’s own favourite bikes. And when I randomly sprinkled the […]

Grantchester Street

I was asked to paint two paintings to sit alongside a painting of mine that had been previously purchased from Primavera Gallery. […]

Meggy’s house

This was a commissioned painting of her Cambridge house for Meggy to give to her mother. She wanted it to show the grandchildren […]


“My husband surprised me on my 40th birthday with an amazing painting by Naomi of our Pilates studio, complete with our gorgeous […]

The Elm Tree

This was a painting commissioned by the bride as a wedding present for her groom. She wanted me to paint the Elm […]

Sidney Sussex

This commission was a partner to my painting of Portugal Street. Someone who had seen my work on Twitter commissioned a painting for […]

Tennis Court Road

This was a commission by an American family that wanted something to remember their lovely Cambridge house by. I included their son parking […]


“If only Naomi had been there when my son unwrapped the painting we commissioned for his 21st birthday. His hands flew to […]

Bumps on the Cam

A birthday present for a serious rower! I’m not into rowing (I prefer to watch a cycle race any day!), but I […]


“We were so pleased that Naomi was one of the first artists for our greeting card collaboration. Not only did we receive […]

Seaside Lodge

“Naomi sketched our seaside holiday cabin – and we loved how she captured it. She checked in with us over subject matter […]

White Cottage Bakery

“Thank you so much for the wonderful series of pictures you have produced for us. A simple loaf is notoriously hard to […]

Cookery School

“We commissioned Naomi to create original art for our café. Naomi gave us iconic and highly evocative images of our interiors and […]

Brown’s, Cambridge

This family loved Brown’s in Cambridge, and have had many family celebrations there. They asked me to paint their favourite restaurant, with […]

Cambridge Payroll

“I commissioned Naomi to draw pictures of the team for our website rather than just have photos taken.  I am so pleased […]


“I smile every time I look at the painting Naomi did for us of Clowns – it was just what we wanted […]


Droplet, a smartphone payment app system commissioned me to do images for their Cambridge advertising campaign. My series of Cambridge Independents featured […]