1970 wedding

This was to be a gift to the happy couple from their sons to celebrate an important anniversary.
I wanted to make more of the setting, but we were unsure of the church – there were a few options. So, with the help of my clients’ carefully subtle questioning of their parents, and my internet sleuthing skills we managed to narrow it down to a now derelict building that had been a carpet shop. The columns were a match! Using Google streetview, I reconstructed the arched doorway that they had posed in front of all those years ago. I got help from a friendly florist to work out what flowers were in the bouquet.

“My wife and I just had a big hug: it’s just what I hoped for and better. You’ve brought life and light into the image and made them look like a young couple with a great future ahead of them. It’s such a lovely picture.” RL

“B and I have received today from our family, a painting of our wedding day 1970. It was an inspiration to choose you to research the location and paint the event. You obviously went to a lot of trouble finding out about the church and pretty accuratly chose the colours – difficult as the photo was in black and white…It will be pride of place. Many, many thanks” B & H