“We were so pleased that Naomi was one of the first artists for our greeting card collaboration. Not only did we receive a beautiful piece of art from Naomi, but we were also the beneficiaries of her expertise which was invaluable to our project and key to its success. Naomi’s cards have sold very well and the project has been a successful fundraising exercise for our organisation. We hope to work with Naomi again in the future.” Roxanne De Beaux, Camcycle

An organisation close to my heart is Camcycle (formerly know as the Cambridge Cycling Campaign). They’re all about two of my favourite things – bikes and Cambridge. They were also really helpful a few years back when my partner and his bike were hit by a taxi veering into a cycle lane. So I was really chuffed to be asked to design an image for a new range of four greetings cards they have published. My offering, Rush hour, includes three members of my family – including me!