Across from the Chapel

pen original SOLD   Drawn as Part of Pint of Science. See news section for more info.

Red lorry, yellow lorry, green lorry

Painted as part of the Creative Reactions project. I kept coming back to Professor David Cebon’s intital words to me. So much so that I had to include them in my piece. I wanted to convey his message that road transport is ubiquitous and inescapable, so we have no choice but to make it work safely, efficiently, and with as low impact as possible in order to keep our world from frying.

Naked singularity

Painted as part of the Creative Reactions project, in which artists have been paired with the scientists presenting their work at the international Pint of Science festival. They’re simulating something so fundamental – how the universe itself hangs together. The complex and intricate coding to do this is the fabric of their work, and it surrounds them, even at the coffee break, which is where I think the magic really happens.