Grantchester Meadows

This was a challenging painting – I was asked to paint a certain spot on Grantchester Meadows, on a certain November day. I was asked to include the water lilies and the weeping willow that had added to the beauty of a certain moment. When I went, armed with Google Maps, to find the exact location, in February, everything was just brown! The lilies had died, and the weeping willows had been completey cut back! But lots of photos, some research, and a lot of imagination got me there. I really like the big track dominating the foreground.

“Last week, Jack gave me your beautiful painting of Grantchester Meadows for my birthday. You have captured perfectly the place that we got engaged, I absolutely love it. Jack told me that he first saw your work in Tradizioni, the restaurant where we had lunch right after he proposed, which makes the present all the more special and meaningful for me. Thank you so much for all your work in creating such a special gift, that we will treasure forever.” Emma