Meggy’s house

This was a commissioned painting of her Cambridge house for Meggy to give to her mother. She wanted it to show the grandchildren playing in the yard, as they do, but also as she used to do back at home when she was a child. There were amazing similarities between Meggy’s house now and the old house in Hong Kong where she had grown up. She lliked her painting so much she even asked me to paint another little one for her mum of their old Hog Kong house, too!

“Love our local artist Naomi Davies. It still makes me emotional seeing the image of this picture. We bought this house in Cambridge because it looks exactly like my mum’s house where I was brought up in Hong Kong. Seeing my children playing in the front yard reminds me of my childhood and what my mum has been seeing when I was little. Naomi has captured all the little details I wanted on this picture. I have asked Naomi to draw a few more Cambridge pictures which are now displayed in our shop on Bridge Street. Our customers love them too” Meggy Yip, Bridges Cafe