Uterus lab

This was one of a series of commissioned paintings I have done to illustrate the She Speaks Science website which aims to encourage more girls into science through storytelling by female scientists.The sotry this accompanies is by Stasa Stankovic, telling of her work into the aging of the uterus. When I heard about Stasa’s work, it got me thinking how much our uteruses affect us. They cause us pain, joy, discomfort, annoyance. They are part of our birth and can be part of our death. Our fertility, or lack of it can affect our lives. For trans people, the existence or non existence of a uterus can be crucial to how others define them. So I decided to draw Stasa’s lab with a difference. The lab workers have their uteruses visible, if they have one. There’s a uterus with a foetus, a uterus in a trans person, a uterus after surgery, etc. Even Stasa’s uterus (or at least, my artistic impresson of it!) is there for us all to see. The uterus is usually hidden, but hugely important.

“Naomi always has a genius undertone in her work, which is why I love working with her so much.” Ghina Halabi, She Speaks Science

“This is wonderful!!! I am amazed by the composition of the photograph, the colors and the message it sends. It really has a soul. Thank you both very much for being part of this beautiful and inspiring initiative, as well as for the opportunity to share my story. I feel very grateful and honoured to work with ladies like you.” Stasa Stankovic, Scientist