White Cottage Bakery

“Thank you so much for the wonderful series of pictures you have produced for us. A simple loaf is notoriously hard to capture both in photography and on paper, and yet you managed to do so, so brilliantly and, apparently, so effortlessly! Your simple pen and ink strokes captured our products elegantly, with style and humour, and the watercolour wash breathed life into their form, conveying exactly the feel of our product and bakery. I left the styling entirely to you, with only the aid of a few props and we were thrilled with the results. Perhaps being able to ultimately eat your models added to your inspiration!  They will shortly be framed and adorning the walls of the bakery, to share with all visitors. I can’t wait.  I know they will be much admired!” Helen Underwood

Helen Underwood, of the fabulous artisan White Cottage Bakery asked me to draw some small pen and ink sketches of her different loaves. She’s a huge fan of Quentin Blake, as I am – we both treasure our original drawings by the great man. So when she said my sketches would take pride of place on her wall alongside her Quentin Blakes, I was SO honoured!