Kitchen view with clock

Jacob wanted to give his partner a painting to remember their first house, as she was already a fan of my artwork. He had thought of a view from the balcony, but wasn’t sure it would work as a painting. We did a zoom call (it was during the pandemic – of course we did!)  in which he walked around the flat so that I could see all the angles and the possibilities. As he scanned past the breakfast table, with the dressing gown draped over the chair, I knew that was the scene I wanted to paint. I wanted to capture the calmness and laid back atmosphere of the flat.

“I was the recipient of this wonderful piece – and cried (happy tears, don’t worry)! Thank you SO MUCH – you have captured the space perfectly and it brings me such fond memories, as we have now moved house.” H, Cambridge

“I think H has messaged you directly but just to say a huge thanks again – she loved it (and shed a few tears which is always a good marker from her of a well received gift!) Only a few weeks into our new place but it’ll be on the wall shortly and will be a great reminder of the time we had in the flat. Thanks again – turned out great, very happy with it and really appreciate your help in getting the setting right too” Jacob D, Cambridge